The Performance

Below are a list of things that can help make the performance and workshops run smoothly. Most of these are suggestions unless noted as required.  The Dinoman Science Series has been performed for millions of theater-goers in thousands of locations.  We are sure we can adapt to your situation.


All of our performances have been audience tested across the United States.  Some groups add workshops, some don’t.  There is an additional fee for the workshops but most educators find them valuable.  THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS IS THE BIOLOGY PROGRAM.  It does not have a school-wide performance.  This is the program where students, one classroom at a time, go inside a giant dinosaur and discuss it from the inside-out.  We can do eight of these sessions in a day.


The shows run between 40 to 45 minutes each.  If your students are younger Pre-K to K the show will run 35 to 40 minutes.


These are designed to put emphasis on the subject being studied, preferably following a performance.  They are more in-depth and allow the students a chance to ask questions and discuss the topic more fully.  They are designed for one classroom at a time (20 to 30 students) and run 20 to 25 minutes each.  We suggest scheduling them every 30 minutes.  The workshops can be done in a classroom or with the giant dinosaurs.


The bigger the better.  Ten foot ceilings are nice but the shows have been with ceiling heights as low as eight feet.  We have performed in gyms, libraries, outdoor festivals, museums, parades, backyards, parks, homes, garages, and many other venues.  Once again the only exception is the Biology program.  It must be indoors and needs about half of a basketball court to set up.


It is nice to have an hour to set up.  We can work around groups who maybe using the space as well.  If two shows are booked back to back it is wonderful to have 20 minutes in between to reset the program.  If workshops are following the show, it is required to have 30 minutes after the performance to pack up the show and  get it out of the gym teacher’s or cafeteria people’s way.


Life is so much easier with parking on the school grounds.  It is almost shangra lai if it is near the load-in area.

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