Dinosaur tracks lead right to your school! Have no fear, Dinoman is here! With magic, merry mayhem, and magnificent props, the audience is taken on a trip throughout the mesozoic era. How do we know dinosaurs were here? What is a fossil? How are they made? This program is fun and informative for all ages. Dino11026213_807646969326775_1034593573116347047_nman Dinosaurs! has garnered a “Best Bet” from the LA Times, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared at the largest family celebration in the country—Boston’s First Night—fifteen times. This is, by far, our most popular show. On perpetual tour for the past five years, we will be available in you area shortly!

  • The performance is 40 to 45 minutes long
  • Experience has shown the performance works best for audiences of 300 or less
  • Dinosaurs! is geared to an elementary school curriculum; however the show is adaptable to any audience—just let us know what’s best for your age group and current educational content Dinosaurs! has been performed in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, museums, and libraries across North America
  • What’s discussed? We always talk about the age of the earth, how it is divided into eras, how fossils are formed, dinosaur behavior, and the newest finds. We also cater to your current curriculum
  • The show begins as Dinoman follows tracks to your stage—and ends by finding a number of life-size dinosaurs
  • The dinosaurs are large but designed to fit into most rooms (we prefer a ceiling height of 10 feet, but have squeezed into eight feet when necessary)
  • There is a raccoon in the show but it is not real
  • Set up time is approximately one hour. If two shows are performed consecutively, it’s nice to have 15 minutes between shows to re-set. The show can be struck in 30 minutes
  • There are optional workshops that reinforce the science in the show
  • In the workshops dinosaur fossils are passed among the participants and discussed in depth. We limit the workshops to 30 people so that everyone can see each of the fossils.
  • For information about booking a show click here 

For more information or to book a performance: Contact us Phone:1 (800) 392-8061 email: icefire@madriver.com


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  1. We loved your Saratoga Springs show! Thanks for adding a new highlight to our First Night tradition– hope you’ll be back next year!


  2. Impressive Show! Great for the kids and adults. Thanks for the fun and the knowledge.


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